TBD Colorado: Be a voice for your community and your values

TBD Colorado, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, is an unprecedented public engagement campaign that will be visiting 40 communities/regions, three different times from March 4 to mid-May to support conversations among community leaders on five issues: health, transportation, education, state workforce/talent and the state budget.  The March meetings in each region will explore those  issues from the perspective of current reality; the April meetings will ask participants to consider their aspirations, and the May meetings will be devoted to the topic "What do we do?"


First round of Regional Meetings Complete:  TBD Colorado On to Consideration of Options

If you choose to volunteer for TBD Colorado, please let us know by signing up to receive e-mail updates below. We will prepare supplemental information to accompany the discussions at each set of meetings, and we would love to share it with you. We'll be posting the information and other updates here. By providing your e-mail address below, you'll get an alert each time we post new information.
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Apply to be a part of TBD Colorado by visiting the TBD Colorado website. At each meeting, a group of preselected individuals will participate in a guided discussion and register their opinions on keypads. Results of the keypad polling will be shared immediately with meeting participants. The input from the meetings form the basis for addressing the challenges we all face.

The application is easy, but you will have to commit to participating in all three meetings in your region.

Even if you are not selected to be part of the keypad process, your participation will help the process and benefit your community.


Helen Bushnell said...

If this a serious effort at community engagement, the meetings should be at a time when more people can come. Is this not really an attempt to make sure the economically comfortable continue to control things?

Colorado Center on Law and Policy said...

Thanks for your comment Helen. No doubt, the process for TBD Colorado has a number of limitations. Still, we'd like to help folks participate in the most productive way possible. That's what our efforts on this page are about.

Perry Swanson, communications director
Colorado Center on Law and Policy