Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick facts about Amendment 59

SAFE (Amendment 59) is a crucial proposal to help Colorado's government save and spend responsibly, grow our economy, and ensure that our children have a bright future here in this great state. 

Amendment 59 does a couple of important things:
  • Forces our state government to save money in good times so that we don't have to cut spending and essential services for our kids and our schools in bad times
  • Dedicates a source of revenue to the State Education Fund without raising taxes, and creates a long-term savings account for public education
  • Moves us closer to untangling the fiscal knot in Colorado's Constitution
  • Preserves the right of Colorado citizens to vote on tax increases, and maintains our position as the state with the strictest limitation on spending in the country
Amendment 59 is an accountable, responsible and bipartisan policy that strikes just the right balance, helping both the economy and our schools. Good schools mean employers want to relocate to Colorado and helps grow our economy. It means that Colorado's children can have a future here, rather than somewhere else. 

These are just a few of the reasons that Republicans, Democrats and Independents, business developers and teachers, concerned citizens and parents, have all come together to support SAFE. 

Passing Amendment 59 is just the responsible thing to do.

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