Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SAFE: Getting Colorado Back on Track

Check out this great Denver Post op-ed piece from Gail Schoettler about Amendment 59 and the SAFE (Savings Account for Education) plan:

So, why do we need this amendment? Because for years, Colorado hasn't been able to save in good times to carry us through the bad. We haven't been able to invest in our schools and highways and health care. We haven't been able to provide our kids with the affordable higher education they need.

Unless you've been trapped under something heavy, you know that we are in a serious financial crisis that could be even more devastating consequences than it already has been. It's an unfortunate example of why we need to save in the good times, so the bad times don't hit our schools and our economy quite so hard.

SAFE requires the state to have a substantial rainy-day fund, to ensure essential services are provided even when times get tough. It is a common-sense
measure that makes our future more secure.

Colorado has approximately 1.2 million reasons to save when times are good so we can sustain when times are bad. When markets fail and uncertainty hits, it's our schools and our economy that suffer. Amendment 59 puts us back on the right track.

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