Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Else Supports SAFE?

If you heard that students, teachers, parents, school boards, local chambers of commerce, business leaders, small business owners, child advocates, health care advocates, retirees, community foundations, faith-based leaders, rural leaders, Republicans and Democrats alike, and many more, all supported Amendment 59, that would sound pretty good, right?

Well that's exactly what has happened. In little more than two months, the SAFE (Savings Account for Education) campaign to vote Yes on Amendment 59 has attracted a groundswell of support from across the state and across the political spectrum.

The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News have both said Colorado needs to pass this responsible plan to create a Savings Account for Education.

Democrats like Gov. Bill Ritter, Lt. Gov. Barbara O'Brien, State Treasurer Cary Kennedy, House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, and Senate President Peter Groff support it. So do Republicans like Attorney General John Suthers, Rep. Ellen Roberts, and Sen. Steve Johnson. Every major statewide organization dedicated to children and education supports it, including the Colorado Children's Campaign, the Colorado Education Association, and the Colorado Association of School Boards. So do Chambers of Commerce in Denver and Boulder, the AARP, our friends in the faith community, and nearly 100 other organizations.

The chief opposition so far is Doug Bruce. He thinks this plan to create a Savings Account for Education amounts to "slavery."

We don't even know how to argue with illogic like that.

Another opponent, Penn Pfiffner, says the SAFE plan is a handout to "special interests."

If by 'special interests' he means the education of Colorado's kids and the future of our state's economy, then he's exactly right. Because those are, in fact, interests that are very special to us.

To fight back against that tired, old way of thinking, we're making sure you know that people all over Colorado agree that Amendment 59 is a responsible plan at the right time to move our state forward.

You can find out who all supports Amendment 59 right here.

You can help spread the word about the Yes on 59 campaign here.

Interested in volunteering? Getting involved is easy. Just go here to sign up and be sure to check the SAFE box at the bottom of the form.

The bottom line is this: If you care about education for our kids and economic progress in our state, then you need to vote Yes on Amendment 59. It's up to you!

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