Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Special Thank You...

...from the Colorado Center on Law and Policy (CCLP) and the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute (COFPI):

On behalf of all of us at CCLP and COFPI, we want to say thank you. Thanks to our staff, our board of directors, all of our volunteers, our wonderful partnering organizations, our funders and donors, and everyone who contributed to such an exhilarating and historic election cycle. We are proud to have been a part of an unprecedented coalition of nonprofit and advocacy groups, all pulling in the same direction to pass good initiatives and stop bad ones. Collectively, we saw many victories for Colorado, even amid some disappointing setbacks.

CCLP and COFPI enjoyed the opportunity to work on such crucial issues, with so many incredible partners, and to do so in a new and hopefully enduring capacity. We not only provided research and advocacy help, we also sent out more than 22,000 emails, canvassed in 21 key precincts where we hit 12,500 households and 21,000 voters, distributed approximately 15,000 pieces of literature, made nearly 2,000 phone calls to high-impact voters, spent 20 hours on visibility efforts in high-traffic areas, put together a three-day eight-city tour of central mountain communities, gave more than three dozen presentations to voters across the state, created a new online presence with our blog which had hundreds of hits each day, built the largest network on Facebook of any ballot initiative campaign this year, and generated more than 1,500 views for our videos on YouTube.

None of this could have been possible without the terrific work of our staff, volunteers, donors, and the many tremendous partnering organizations we are so fortunate to work with.

We just wanted to say thank you.

A special thank you is necessary to the entire SAFE/Amendment 59 coalition, led by Speaker Andrew Romanoff, State Treasurer Cary Kennedy, finance committee member Elaine Berman, and the SAFE campaign staff. It was one of the largest, broadest, and most inclusive coalitions that Colorado has ever seen, with groups across the state and across the issues spectrum coming together in a bipartisan effort to fix a broken fiscal system and create a savings account for our kids. We didn't get all the way there, but we took a big step forward for Colorado.

We also want to thank all the members of the Colorado C3 Roundtable, in what was truly an unprecedented effort in the nonprofit community. From voter registration to voter outreach to education to mobilization and voter protection, it was an inspiring endeavor and one that we hope will continue to yield a positive impact for all Coloradans. While we didn't win on every front, the collaborative effort helped stop many bad initiatives that would have been an all-out assault on Colorado's working families.

To everyone who engaged in the process, who participated in this historic effort, and who provided support from near and far, we thank you.

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