Friday, October 29, 2010

CCLP is a go-to source for news reporters

And now for some shameless self-promotion. Colorado is facing a number of important and complex public-policy questions at the moment (what else is new?), and a fair number of news reporters have called on us for analysis and commentary. Some recent examples:

From It's The Economy, a program on KGNU radio, "It's not fair! What's an equitable economic recovery?" featuring Economic Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator Tracey Stewart.

From Remapping Debate, a new website focused on public-policy issues: "Coloradans to vote on "protection" from health coverage mandates," featuring remarks from Health Care Attorney Adela Flores-Brennan, Oct. 26.

From Colorado News Connection, a radio news service: "One Week to CO Election Day: Does No Debt = Smart Government?" featuring remarks from Policy Analyst Mark Neuman-Lee, Oct. 26.

From KMGH Channel 7 TV in Denver, "Amendment 63: No Mandated Health Insurance In Colorado," featuring remarks from Policy Analyst Alec Harris, Oct. 25.

From the Colorado Springs Gazette, "Amendment 63, health care choice," featuring remarks from Policy analyst Alec Harris, Oct. 23.

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