Monday, November 15, 2010

Colorado news roundup: Enrollment climbs in Colorado's high-risk insurance pool

Looks like more Coloradans are turning to the high-risk insurance pool created in the Affordable Care Act. That's good news, in a way, because it means more people have access to the health care they need. Keep in mind, though, that state-based high-risk pools are just a bridge to 2014, when insurance companies will be prohibited from turning away people with pre-existing conditions.

Read about it along with links to all the day's public-policy news at the weekday Colorado news roundup.

Read more about Colorado's high-risk pool, GettingUsCovered, at the Colorado Center on Law and Policy's publication library.

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Denver Unemployment Examiner said...

I'm certain that this is due in part to the continuing high rate of unemployment in CO and the U.S.
As a native of Colorado and one of the long-term unemployed who has exhausted all U.I. benefits (since May) I have not health insurance and therfore, no healthcare. I am a degreeed professional (BS in finance) and am single, not elderly or diabled and have no children - therefore, I have been denied any assistance for housing, medical care (via medicaid), and finanical assistance to purchase basic hygieny items, a bus pass to atten an interview (or anything else), housing, etc. But now am required to attend Employment first so that I can learn how to apply for and search for work, how to write a resume, english as a 2nd language, obtain my GED - and will even receive (another copy) of a list of jobs skills to choose from in the event that I don't know what my job skills are.

I must ask when the CCLP is going to help the single professionals who are still looking for work and are being denied any assistance based on the fact that they are 'able-bodied adults without dependent children'?
Denver Unemployment Examiner