Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations, Colorado: Voters connected the dots, with our help

Dear friends,

Colorado voters proved once again in yesterday's election that we are a discerning lot, a group of well-informed and well-intentioned participants in the civic process, particularly when it comes to ballot issues. Voters, at the state level, overwhelmingly rejected extreme and irrational attempts to undermine community aspirations. Beyond that, voters locally stepped up, across the state, to invest in community services they value.

Colorado is known nationwide for our unique fiscal policy environment. The 2010 ballot results prove once again just how unique we are. Coloradans across the state built strong, community-focused coalitions that helped voters understand the role of public investments in the vitality of local communities and local economies. With so much practice, we are getting really good at this!

The resounding defeats of Amendment 60, Amendment 61 and Proposition 101 were the product of extraordinary effort from communities across the state. And we mean communities in every sense of the word -- geographic, interest, demographic. A margin of victory near 50 points doesn't happen by accident but rather through concerted and coordinated effort by lots of folks.

The leadership shown by the funders and supporters of the Don't Hurt Colorado campaign was extraordinary. Even more impressive were the intense efforts of all the funders and grassroots partners that made more than 1 million voter contacts focused exclusively on ballot measures through efforts like Engage Colorado, the League of Responsible Voters and other community coalitions -- incredible effort and incredible results. Thanks to everyone who invested time, money, energy and brain power to this amazing effort.

2010 proves voters can and will make a commitment to support their communities if they understand what they are being asked to do. Congratulations again to everyone involved in helping voters become informed and responsible decision makers. Together we can build strong communities, because Colorado is worth it.


Carol Hedges
Director, Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute

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