Monday, February 7, 2011

Beginning a complete discussion of the options for maintaining Colorado as a great place to live

Colorado has a major long-term budget problem that is hurting our economy, costing jobs and undermining the future of our state.

We have already cut vital community services to the bone.

Our families, our communities and our economy require a balanced approach to solving our problems so that we don’t end up:
  • firing thousands of teachers from our schools,
  • making tuition unaffordable for Colorado families,
  • taking patrolmen and snowplows off the roads,
  • asking seniors to pay more in property taxes
  • sacrificing basic health care and
  • abandoning state parks. 
Colorado voters are the real decision makers about how we prepare our communities for the future. It is time to start the complete conversation about how to solve these problems. It's important that we find fair solutions that make our economy competitive and protect and improve the vital services that make Colorado such a great place to live and work.

The Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, a project of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, began that dicsussion last week by filing several measures with Colorado Legislative Council to start working toward a ballot measure for voters to decide in November. Here's some of the media coverage:

The Denver Post: Group resubmits ballot initiative aiming to raise taxes and state revenue
Durango Herald: Ballot ideas target income taxes

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