Tuesday, May 24, 2011

State of Working Colorado: Are workers full time? Do they want to be?

When the economy suffers, the share of workers employed part time tends to rise. Some workers choose to work part time, driven by factors such as lower wages and more competition. Those are called "voluntary part-time." Others would like to work full time, but can find only part-time work. Those are called "involuntary part-time."

The recent economic downturn has increased the share of part-time workers in Colorado. That increase has been almost exclusively driven by an expansion of Coloradans working part-time involuntarily. The rise in involuntary part-time work might delay Colorado’s recovery, since firms will be inclined to bring part-time workers back to full time before making new hires.
For more insights, including detailed policy recommendations for enhancing economic security for all Coloradans, check out the State of Working Colorado 2010.

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