Tuesday, May 10, 2011

State of Working Colorado: Who plays, and who stays on the sidelines?

Different groups participate in the labor force at different rates. In Colorado, men participate more than women, 25 to 54 year-olds participate at a much higher rate than those younger or older, and differences between races are evident. (Figure 6)

The most pronounced difference in labor force participation is by education. While four out of five Coloradans with a college degree or higher participate in the labor force, only half of people without a high school diploma are working or looking for work. (Figure 6) That means among the least-educated Coloradans, half have essentially given up hope of working — they are without a job and not looking.
For more insights, including detailed policy recommendations for enhancing economic security for all Coloradans, check out the State of Working Colorado 2010.

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