Saturday, September 17, 2011

State of Working Colorado: Income – Better than average, but stagnant a decade later

If all households were lined up by income level, the median family income of the group would be the amount earned by the household in the very middle of the pack. The median value is often more representative of the majority than an average (mean) value, which can be skewed by extreme outliers (upward, in the case of income). Like many other measures of economic potential in the state, Colorado median household income is better relative to the rest of the country. Colorado has maintained its income advantage since the 1990s.15 In 2009, the median household income in Colorado was $55,430, versus $50,221 for the nation. That ranks 14th highest among states.16

Yet despite Colorado’s relative wealth, changes in income during the past decade have been less positive. In 2009, the real median household income in Colorado was not statistically different from the median income in 2000. In other words, earnings of the typical Colorado household had the same buying power at the end of decade as they did at the beginning.


For more insights, including detailed policy recommendations for enhancing economic security for all Coloradans, check out the State of Working Colorado 2010.

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