Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A study in public-policy tradeoffs, analysis of state budget our fifth-most popular research during 2011

Colorado continued to struggle with the disconnect between the revenue the state government collects and the services its residents need. A paper exploring those tradeoffs was the fifth-most popular reserach product issued by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy during 2011, as measured by website visits. It was written by Terry Scanlon, a fiscal policy analyst for the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, a project of CCLP.

Proposed 2011-12 state budget contains deep cuts to services along with unwarranted tax giveaways
Public services across Colorado would be scaled back sharply under a plan to balance the state budget that legislative leaders proposed April 5. Some service reductions were inevitable, given restrictions on state lawmakers’ ability to raise revenue. But the plan cuts deeper than necessary because it also includes a number of measures that will reduce revenue that would otherwise be available to support services. The reductions will hurt vulnerable Coloradans as the resources available for child protection, health care, education and other services decline.

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