Friday, January 20, 2012

Sidebar newsletter: Foundation funders look to CCLP to advance family economic security, access to health

An article from the winter 2012 edition of Sidebar, CCLP's quarterly newsletter.


CCLP received financial support from several foundations during recent months: 
  • The Kresge Foundation awarded a $371,000 grant over three years to CCLP’s Family Economic Security Program to strengthen poverty-reduction efforts across the state. The three-year grant is the first of its kind The Kresge Foundation has made in Colorado. It will provide unprecedented resources to enhance the capability of CCLP to lead and participate with groups working to reduce poverty.  
  • The Chambers Family Foundation awarded the Family Economic Security Program a $50,000 grant over three years to partner in the work under The Kresge Foundation grant. 
  • The JPMorgan Chase Foundation granted $30,000 to the Family Economic Security Program to help nonprofits serve more Coloradans through a statewide strategic plan on poverty reduction and standard measurements of economic self-sufficiency.  
  • CCLP’s Health Care Program is a partner in a one-year, $100,000 grant from The Affordable Care Act Implementation Fund of Community Catalyst. The grant is designed to ensure Colorado’s Health Benefit Exchange serves the needs of consumers by offering meaningful, affordable choices and providing adequate consumer protections. Other partners in the grant are the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Colorado Public Interest Research Group.


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