Thursday, October 17, 2013

Task Force approves bills brought by CCLP that reduce poverty

The Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force  on Wednesday endorsed five bills promoted by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy as part of the package of seven bills the Task Force endorsed.

All of the bills would reduce poverty and promote economic security for thousands of Coloradans. Many partners -- too many to list here -- have helped develop each of the five bills advanced by CCLP. The list below includes all seven Task Force-approved bills.  The bills promoted by CCLP have links to fact sheets that include the names of other organizations supporting the bill.
  • Improving access to IDs. Eases the process for veterans and seniors to obtain state-issued photo identifications. IDs play a critical role not only in accessing benefits, but also in securing employment and housing.
  • Restoring Aid to Needy Disabled.  Restores the monthly benefit to pre-recession levels to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable Coloradans who are unable to work. It would also ensure the benefit would not fall behind in the future by linking the benefit to the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  •  Strengthening adult basic education. Provides support for programs that teach basic education concepts and skills training that would help move low-income workers into self-sufficiency.
  •  Fixing the Child Care Tax Credit. Fixes the current tax credit so that families who pay for child care while the parents work but earn no more than $25,000 can benefit from this credit -- just as families with higher incomes already do.
  • Expanding affordable, quality child care. Expands the number of families served through the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) while also establishing pilot programs that promote quality and address the "cliff effect."
  • Promote affordable housing. Allows public funds to be invested in Community Development Financial Institutions. 
  • PTC improvement. Increases the income eligibility and enhances the benefit awarded through the Property Tax Rent/Heat Rebate Program, known as PTC.
CCLP thanks the Task Force, and all of our partners, for working diligently to draft legislation that will help Colorado families achieve economic security and reduce poverty throughout the state. 

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