Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grand Junction Sentinel reverses course, endorses Proposition 103

The Daily Sentinel newspaper of Grand Junction became the latest newspaper to endorse Proposition 103 with an editorial published Sunday. Noting Colorado’s population and student enrollment have risen steadily while the state’s education fund is nearly identical to the 2001 amount, the editorial said “it's ridiculous to think we can meet the larger needs of 2011 with 2001 funding levels.” The position is a turnaround for the newspaper, which had initially editorialized against the measure.

“We believe strongly that a competent education system is critical to the economic welfare of our state and our community. Those who don't have children in school still have skin in the game, if they want to see a growing, economically vibrant area... There's no way to make further, large-scale cuts without adversely affecting our public education system, and Colorado's reputation as a great place to live and conduct business.”

Proposition 103 lets voters take a five-year timeout from cuts to public education by restoring the state's sales and income tax rates to 1999 levels. It would raise about $500 million per year, all devoted to public education, preschool through higher education.

The full editorial can be found on the paper's website. (Note: The story is behind the Daily Sentinel’s pay wall and a subscription is required.)

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