Wednesday, September 21, 2011

State of Working Colorado: Child health coverage – Success of the safety net

Health insurance coverage for children is of particular concern. First, children are generally dependent on their parents or guardians for coverage. Second, the availability of consistent, high-quality coverage and health care are significant indicators of overall child health and the ability of children to excel.

Consistent with overall coverage trends, a higher percentage of children are publically insured today than at the beginning of the decade. The recessionary surge in children covered by public programs has been dramatic — up from 19 percent of children covered by Medicaid and CHP+ in 2007 to 30 percent in 2009. One in 10 Colorado children was uninsured in 2009, the 14th highest rate of uninsurance among states.


For more insights, including detailed policy recommendations for enhancing economic security for all Coloradans, check out the State of Working Colorado 2010.

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